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Are You Doing This To Lose Weight Loss – Part3

Dear Patient,

Last week I went over two weight loss myths.

Today I’m going to go over two more.

So let’s get started.

* Myth #4 Assessing the stage of change or diet
readiness is important in helping patients who
seek weight-loss treatment.

By the time most people seek help losing weight,
one can assume they are ready.

Life and weight loss as well as weight gain are
things that sneak up on people. If you want to lose
weight and you’re serious, you can do it.

If you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, chances are
you won’t lose the weight you want, and if you do, it’ll
come back on you with a vengeance click here.

* Myth # 5 Physical-education classes in their
current format play an important role in
preventing or reducing childhood obesity.

Here’s my take on that.

Physical education hasn’t lowered obesity rates in
children. Sure, it has the potential, but only if
kids are kept moving for a lot longer than the 30
or so minutes they are now.

I have a way of keeping you moving and working in to it.

I’ll share with you once you start the program.

* Myth # 6 Breast-feeding is protective against

Breast feeding is best for a child, but with people’s
schedules today, and the economy, a lot of women just
can’t do this.

I understand that.

But we’re talking about myths and weight loss, so if
you were bottle fed, you’ll need to look for
another reason why you can no longer fit into your
skinny jeans , has alot of informational articles and weight-loss products in case you wanna check it out.

I’ll go over the last myth next week.

Don’t miss it.

Best Of Health,

Dr. Sophie Jacob, D.C.

P.P.S. In next weeks email I’ll be talking about Myth #7
If you’re over 21 you’ll want to read it sb groupe news.

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