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Blast Away Belly Fat


Dear Patient,

You’re going to love this email
because I’m going to tell you how
to blast away your belly fat.

This food is one of the best sources
of soluble fiber around.

It’s the pear.

Yes, pears.

A new study in the journal Obesity reveals
that for every 10 gram increase in soluble
fiber you eat DAILY, belly fat is REDUCED
by almost 4%.

I suggest you eat three pears a day.

Not only that, soluble fiber whittles away
visceral FAT-the dangerous kind that wraps
around internal organs and is linked to a
host of serious ailments, such as DIABETES

If you can eat something like a pear and
avoid diabetes and heart disease, wouldn’t
you want to do that?

Experts believe soluble fiber fills you up
so you EAT LESS, it prevents blood sugar spikes
by slowing down how quickly carbohydrates
enter your bloodstream and it reduces the
amount of fat your body stores.

That’s a big one when you’re talking about
storing FAT.

Okay, so after you’ve washed the pear(s),
dice it and add it to your salads, add to
chicken dishes or saute’ them or eat them
with your low fat yogurt.

Just changing this one thing will help you
blast away that belly fat.

Thanks again for being a patient at my office.

You’re a great patient.

I love helping you learn what it takes to stay


Dr. Sophie Jacob, D.C.

PS In next weeks email I’ll tell you how to have
a smaller waistline eating one particular food.
It’s something you only have to eat twice a week to
have a smaller waistline. You’ll love it.

And start eating those pears.

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