Fibber McGee and Molly - 1942. The TV version's main asset was character comic Bob Sweeney, who caught the spirit and cadence of Jim Jordan's "Fibber" delivery, alternating between cheerful, boastful, and fretful.

Originally portrayed with a cartoonish accent, the character settled into using Jordan's own natural voice by the early 1940s.
Jim's brother bet him $10 they couldn't. Molly opens the closet looking for the dictionary and is promptly buried in Fibber's "stuff" ("arranged in there just the way I want it"). 20, August 1935 onward) became the home Depression-exhausted Americans visited to remind themselves that they were not the only ones finding cheer in the middle of struggle and doing their best not to make it overt. I was a hardliner for Gunsmoke and the Detective Series. Programs like this one, and it's first spinoff, the Great Gildersleeve, are upbeat, entertaining and flag-waving. Molly McGee (Marian Jordan) – Fibber's Irish wife and the straight woman of the double act. Marian's parents had attempted to discourage her professional aspirations. During the many years that the show was sponsored by The show also used two musical numbers per episode to break the comedy routines into sections. McGee is very proud of past deeds, sometimes recalling an interesting nickname he picked up over the years. Jim's voice teacher gave him a recommendation for work as a professional in Chicago, and he followed it. The story reached the halls of nearby For station WMAQ in Chicago, beginning in April 1931, the trio created Existing in a kind of Neverland where money never came in, schemes never stayed out for very long, yet no one living or visiting went wanting, 79 Wistful Vista (the McGees' address from show No. Fibber McGee (Jim Jordan) – a habitual storyteller and the central figure of the series. For most of the show's history, the usual order of the show was the introduction followed by a Johnson Wax plug by Harlow then his introduction to the first part of the script (usually 11 minutes). If you would like to join forces Drop me a line at He was sent to France, and became part of a military touring group which entertained the armed forces after World War I.While staying with Jim's brother in Chicago in 1924, the family was listening to the radio; Jim said he and Marian could do better than the musical act currently on the air. Cleaning out the closet becomes the show's plot, inventorying much of the contents along the way: a photo album, a rusty horseshoe, a ten-foot pole.

The stars of the program were real-life husband and wife team Jordan was the seventh of eight children born to James Edward Jordan, a farmer, and Mary (née Tighe) Jordan, while Driscoll was the twelfth of thirteen children born to Daniel P., a coalminer, and wife Anna (née Carroll) Driscoll. Sometimes a message and a medium are simply perfect compliments. Whenever someone asks the time it's always half-past. Each one of these nicknames is, as usual with Fibber, a bad Mentioned for a time on the program was Otis Cadwallader, who was a schoolmate of Fibber and Molly in Peoria and Molly's boyfriend before McGee. They complemented each other so well and the comic timing was....timeless. Sci-fi was like this, radio sci-fi could reach heights that until recently TV could never touch. The "corner of 14th and Oak" in downtown Wistful Vista was routinely given as a location for various homes, places of business and government buildings throughout the show's run. "They were trying to push us into TV, and we were reluctant," Jim Jordan told an interviewer many years later. To win the bet, Jim and Marian went to WIBO,When it seemed to the couple they were financially succeeding, they built a home in Chicago, which was a replica of their rented home, complete to building it on the lot next door. NBC approached In the 1970s, Jim Jordan briefly returned to acting. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Fibber McGee and Molly 1949. I am in my early 40's and I would rather listen to Fibber & Molly vs. watching any of the so called sitcoms today. "Our friends advised us, 'Don't do it until you need to. 1 Christmas 1947 Radio Broadcast LP Johnson EXCELLENT. not great because it's well known. For the gridiron football player nicknamed Molly McGee, see Jim and Marian Jordan as Fibber McGee and Molly in 1941"Jim Jordan, Radio's Fibber McGee, Is Dead at 91",

Like many such trademarks, the clattering closet began as a one-time stunt, but "the closet" was developed carefully, not being overused (it rarely appeared in more than two consecutive installments, though it never disappeared for the same length, either, at the height of its identification, and it rarely collapsed at exactly the same time from show to show), and it became the best-known running sound gag in American radio's classic period. You'll become fast friends with the residents of 79 Wistful Vista and, as well, the denizens of the stereotypical American town of the era. When she started seeing Jim Jordan, the Driscolls were far from approving of either him or his ideas. The pair married in Peoria, August 31, 1918.Five days after the wedding, Jim received his draft notice.

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