Yi Sun-shin, Korean admiral and national hero whose naval victories were instrumental in repelling Japanese invasions of Korea in the 1590s. It is located on the Han River (Han-gang) in the northwestern part of the country, with the city centre some 37 miles (60 km) inland from the Yellow Sea (west). The Japanese ships that made it through were met by 13 Joseon warships obscured by the shadows of the surrounding hills, ready with archers and cannons, and the Admiral Yi's miraculous victory at the Battle of Myeongnyang turned the tide of the entire war against the Japanese; their ground forces on the verge of invading Hanseong were cut off from steady flow of supplies and reinforcements, and forced to pull back. Yi had never officially studied naval warfare in his limited time in the military academy, and neither he, nor his subordinates had experienced naval combat before the Japanese invasion. ""Admiral Yi Sunsin: A brief overview of his life and achievements". Yi won all of at least twenty-three naval battles fought while suffering very minimal losses, destroying many Japanese ships and killing many Japanese soldiers. Nelson and I both fought battles with full support from the government, but General Yi Sun-shin achieved victory without any government support. His campaigns resulted in hundreds of sunken Japanese warships, transports, supply ships and thousands of Japanese naval casualties. In some records, it is stated that he went as far as to personally fulfill some of his soldiers' dying wishes. Although his successes were often ignored by the Korean royal court during his life, after his death various honors were bestowed upon him, including the title of Prominent statues of Admiral Yi have been erected in the middle of The city of Chungmu on the southern coast of Korea, now renamed A depiction of Admiral Yi is featured on the front of the Text reads "Chungmugong I Sunsin Jinsang" (忠武公李舜臣陳像).Joseon defeat at Chilchonryang and reinstatement of Admiral YiJoseon defeat at Chilchonryang and reinstatement of Admiral Yi"The Jeolla Navy camp had two headquarters: Jeolla Left Navy and Jeolla Right Navy. On July 10, 1592, the Korean fleet destroyed 21 Japanese ships at the On August 13, 1592, the Korean fleet sailing from the The battle ended in a Korean victory, with Japanese losses of 59 ships – 47 destroyed and 12 captured in the On August 16, 1592, Yi Sun-sin led their fleet to the harbor of Yi was victorious in every single operation (at least 15 battles) of the four campaigns of 1592. Yi Sun-Shin would be on my list of candidates for example. His turtle ship, which had first set sail the day before the invasion, was very effective in leading the attack and breaking the enemy's formation. On December 15, 1598, a huge Japanese fleet under the command of The battle began at two o'clock in the early morning of December 16, 1598. Yi sun shin was undoubtedly a successful and accomplished admiral. Admiral Yi Sun-sin.

Korean Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, who won all battles against Japanese Navy, is credited with designing the improved turtle ship.

During this time, a stray arquebus bullet from an enemy ship struck Admiral Yi,Admiral Yi's body was brought back to his hometown in Today, Admiral Yi is considered one of Korea's greatest heroes. Will have a range of 3 hexes at 6 star and that will give him a great edge over other archer generals.Consider joining our successful Role plays in the world of flames section? Admiral Yi used many different formations according to the situation, and capitalized on tides and ocean currents. Yi had prepared for the war by checking the status of his soldiers, granaries, and supplies, replacing them when it was necessary.

Aside from Nelson I always wondered how Admiral Yi compares with WW2 USN commanders such as Nimitz, Spruance or Halsey in terms of strategy and tactics. Together with his flagship, Admiral Yi's entire fleet totaled 13 ships, none of which were Emboldened after their victory at Chilchonryang, Japanese admirals After careful study of potential battlefields, in October 1597 Admiral Yi lured the Japanese fleet into the There were several reasons why Admiral Yi decided on this location for battle. War Diary (亂中日記), the autobiographical diary of Admiral Yi Sun-SinThe Influence of the Sea on The Political History of Japan (1921), Admiral George Alexander Ballard, The admiral often wrote in his war diary, Yi himself had never been trained as a naval commander. Admiral Yi was an excellent naval strategist. Since Yi-sun sin will maybe get Hwarang skill "archery" (80% more damage to archers) Yi-sun sin will be an archer killer, and thus in an actual VS, Yi-sun sin would kill Nelson by getting in close (particularly if run by computers ) The deep shadows of the surrounding hillsides provided the Joseon ships with concealment.

Yi's naval reforms did not persist and disappeared soon after his death. Yi also took advantage of his knowledge of the surrounding sea. The strait was sufficiently narrow that it would prove impossible for the Japanese to flank or envelop the numerically inferior Joseon fleet. In most of these battles, he was outnumbered and lacked necessary supplies.His family was part of the Korean Deoksu Yi clan. As Yi won battle after battle, Hideyoshi and his commanders became anxious as they neared Taking advantage of the many internal court rivalries of the One day, he told General Kim Gyeong-seo that the Japanese general When General Kim informed the king of Admiral Yi's refusal, the admiral's enemies at court quickly insisted on his replacement by General As a result, in 1597, Yi was relieved of command, placed under arrest, and taken to With Yi stripped of influence and negotiations breaking down in 1596, Hideyoshi again ordered an attack on Joseon.

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