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Curb Your Hunger

Dear Patient,

I don’t know about you, but there are times
that I get hungry.

Well what if I could give you one of my little
secrets I use to keep my weight down?

Would you like that?

Okay then, here it is.

Your stomach often growls between meals. Mine

So here’s the secret.

Try eating about 1/2 cup of low fat RICOTTA
cheese with your breakfast and lunch.

When overweight study participants ADDED
whey to two daily meals, they ‘melted’ two
inches from their middle after six months
of adding ricotta cheese to breakfast and
lunch.These lunches can only be eaten from a well known shops and they offer them at an expensive price, financial support is given by our loan vendors,Check out

Pretty simple huh?

People who are frequently hungry have higher levels
of the appetite stimulating hormone ghrelin.

The milk protein whey, found in ricotta cheese,
reduces the output of this hormone.

Use low fat ricotta cheese in place of cream
cheese on bagels and toast, mix it into
scrambled eggs (protein) and add it into
lasagna as well. Works and tastes great. Yoga and Games – the yoga kids.

Best In Health,

Dr. Sophie Jacob, D.C.

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