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Struggling With Weight Loss

I wanted to make sure I’m staying in
touch with you and you’re staying focused
on keeping your weight down.
I know it’s a struggle sometime, but that’s
what these emails are all about.
Stay with me and make sure you open and
read them all.
When was the last time you weighed
Did you know you could be holding back your
weight loss. And, in some cases, maybe even
sabotaging yourself even when you’re losing
You might be asking yourself, “How?”
Well, take another patient of mine for example.
She’s working hard at losing her fat.
She’s eating better, which is good.
She’s walking just to keep her blood flowing
She’s uses the creams and the detox regularly
so she’s doing everything right.
Yet, she says sometimes when she weighs in
her scale says she’s GAINING.
Sure, she feels lighter.
She looks thinner (she does!)
And she hears from others how great she looks.
But she says she can imagine the scale still saying “ouch!” every
time she steps on it as that dial says she’s gained a few pounds.
This is why scales are BAD if you don’t know what you’re really
looking at.
They don’t tell you the whole story.
What matters is measurements.
Yes, measurements.
Do your clothes feel looser?
If you took a tape measure and measured,
what do THOSE numbers say?
Trust me:
Scales are treacherous.
They’ll make you think you’re fat… when you’re not.
And the sad part is, if you don’t think you’re losing
you might just do what most of the people do after the
New Year by February 1st. They give up.
Then they wait until the next New Year, and find the
latest new fad.
And if you do weight loss my way, you’ll likely gain lean muscle
(which will make you look toned and sexy) that will replace the
fat, but since muscle weighs more, the scale may say you weigh
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Anyway, I teach this to all my weight loss patients.
I see this SAME issue with scales all the time.
Don’t let the scale sabotage you!
Look for the next email. I’ll tell you another secret.

Best Health Always,
Dr. Sophie Jacob, DC

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