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Tucson Weight Loss Article

Here are two things you need to do if you’re going to
lose weight and keep it off.

#1. Eat breakfast. Studies have also found that people
who eat breakfast are more successful at keeping the
pounds at bay. Make sure that your breakfast includes
a lean source of protein. I personally like a protein
shake with water. That helps maintain your weight and
you’re eating less of the stuff that makes you fat in
the first place.

#2. Weigh yourself. Keep a scale in your bathroom and
the dietians tell you to use it once a week. I use mine
everyday. That will keep you focused and when you see
the results you’re going to be even more motivated to
stay on the program.

Results Count.

Studies show that checking your weight on a regular basis
is a practice shared by people who successfully keep their
weight off.

Like I said, do what you want to do, but when you’re weighing
yourself everyday, you get to see FAST RESULTS.

Thanks again for taking your valuable time to read
these emails I’m sending you. I’m here to help you
lose the weight, then maintain it.


Dr. Sophie Jacob, DC

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