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Dear Patients,

Losing weight is tough sometimes, but
there are risks with things like the
Lap Band surgery.

The major risks associated with gastric banding
(the lap band0 are significant.

The most significant problem associated with
gastric banding has been alteration in the size
of the stomach pouch which is isolated above
the lap band.

This pouch may enlarge in some cases, either
due to slippage of the band, or stretching of
the wall of the pouch.

Either way it’s not a good thing.

In addition, there is the potential for band
erosion into the person’s stomach.

I want you to be aware of this, just in case
you ever consider getting a lap band.

Here are some of the other possible risks and
lap band complications include:

* Band leakage
* Reflux or vomiting
* Erosion of band into stomach
* Difficulty swallowing
* Enlargement of stomach pouch or band slippage
* Dehydration
* NO weight loss
* Blockage of stomach outlet
* Gas bloat
* Nausea
* Constipation
* Ulceration
* Weight Regain
* Gastritis
* In extremely rare cases, DEATH

Remember, one of the major advantages of the gastric band is that it can be removed or replaced if any of these complications become serious or life-threatening.

I heard a story about a surgeon who’s patient was having trouble breathing. The doctor came in and then left the patient with the nurse to take care of the patient.

The sad part is, the patient died.

So when you’re following this program it’s the best thing to sliced bread if you’re comparing it to lap band surgery.

Dr. Sophie Jacob, DC

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