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Want To Lose More Weight? Part2

Dear Patient,

Last week I talked about beans and protein.

Today I’m going to talk about Eggs and protein.

Eggs are another protein rich food source (6 grams
per egg or 12% of recommended daily value) that
you probably already have in your kitchen if you
do any kind of cooking at home.

If you’ve been to a gym or seen those unnaturally
big guys with really big muscles I can tell you
they probably eat tons of egg every year.

A hardboiled egg is a great snack in the afternoon
or as part of your breakfast. Eat them any way
you’d like.

I like to keep them on hand, so when I’m hungry or
I get a hunger pang, I just eat one or two of them.

Eat scrambled or boiled eggs for breakfast and
omelets for lunch if you want a little variety.

They are easy to cook and they can keep you
satisfied for a long time.

Eggs also are a good source of vitamins such as
vitamin B6, B12, A, D and E.

When you’re really after the protein and want to
cut down on calories you can do an egg white
omelet from just the egg whites, Sea salt, pepper and
some parsley.

Worried about all the buzz about cholesterol
levels in eggs?

Don’t be!

Research has shown that cholesterol in our body is
not directly linked to cholesterol in food but to
overconsumption of saturated bad fat.

What this means is that the cholesterol you’re
getting from fried eggs or a cheese omelet
actually comes from the saturated fats in the
margarine and not from the eggs, you can always join a weight loss fitness center , but they cost a lot.You can visit moneyturn website to get financial assistance.

Stick to natural eggs without any added nutrients.

The eggs you eat should come from a happy hen!

Dr. Sophie Jacob, DC
P.S. Next week I’ll talk about a fruit that will
help you lose weight.

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