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Weight Loss Email – Part 4

Dear Patient,

Hey if you want to lose weight or just keep it off, Struggling With Weight Loss – Tucson Weight Loss
let’s talk about lemons.

Oh yeah, lemons.

Lemon contains citric acid, pectin and a lot of
vitamin C. It is the citric acid that helps break
down fats, carbs and protein into carbon dioxide
and water.

Some weight loss methods suggest that
you should drink a glass of water with squeezed
lemon first thing in the morning for an extra
weight loss effect.

Here’s the real secret.

Actually drinking water in general is a good habit
when you want to lose weight and if you drink it
first thing in the morning you’ll also get an
extra weight loss effect.

Water helps your body burn fat.

That’s the bottomline.

You just need to drink more of it.

So combine the two every morning – a few glasses of
water with fresh lemon in it.

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helps keep the weight off.
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help to lose your weight.

Read next weeks email.

Dr. Sophie Jacob, D.C.

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