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Dear Patient,
Last week I went over eating when you’re NOT hungry.Today I’m going to talk about another secret.

2. Eating more diet foods.

Why it makes you gain weight:

According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, the sweeteners in many low-calorie and diet foods interfere with how the body processes the amount of calories it ingests, and, as a result, can lead the body to believe that other sweets it digests are calorie-free,
too, which can and WILL promote weight gain.

The key to keeping those pounds off?

Make sure you pay attention to how much you eat, factor everything into your lifestyle, and don’t turn to these types of foods as meal replacements.

Be careful and follow the program I’ve put you on.

Give yourself time to get used to it and try to
eat the right foods.

Just doing this small task will add up to weight flying
off your body.

It’s your choice.

I’ll tell you the next sneaky secret in the next email.

Be watching your inbox.

Thanks for your time.

Dr.  Sophie Jacob, D.C.

4713 N. 1st Ave., Tucson AZ 85718 (520)891-2882

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