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Weight Loss

Weight Loss!

Personalized weight loss programs are offered at our office!

Loosing weight can really be a puzzle these days, let us find out what your body need to achieve your best results with your weight loss goals!

we offer:

*A unique metabolic program customized to your needs. We use the latest technology to ensure success!


I Lost 10 LBS in 10 days! I was so surprised that this was something that really worked. I could not be more excited about summer, the 1st time in 10 years! Glenda W.

On the diet!! I’m on my 6th day and In 5 full days I have lost 5 LBS! I have no more pain on my neck or hip since Dr. Sophie worked on me. Exercising is much easier. Sally K.

I feel I am losing my weight and I have almost reached my goal! Nimfa D.

I’ve been on the diet for 17 days now and have lost as of this morning almost 19 pounds. I’m really beginning to feel lighter! Nancy D. 

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