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Here are two things you need to do if you’re going to lose weight and keep it off. #1. Eat breakfast. Studies have also found that people who eat breakfast are more successful at keeping the pounds at bay. Make sure that your breakfast includes a lean source of protein. I personally like a protein…Continue Reading

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“Learn How To LOSE A Pound A Day, Feel Good And Look Great!” FREE Weight LossWORKSHOP   If you haven’t been feeling good, or you’ve felt better than you have in years, you don’t want to miss this special workshop, given by Dr. Jacob.   She will be giving a short workshop on how you…Continue Reading

Healthy Weight Loss Foods

I’m busy here at the office, but I wanted to take the time to send you this email.Here is the list of the Top TenHealthiest Foods in my opinion. Make sure you print this off and SAVE IT. ——————————- Broccoli The “King” of health vegetables. Loaded with vitamins such as B-6,A, folic acid, and K…Continue Reading

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Dear Patient, Last week I went over eating when you’re NOT hungry.Today I’m going to talk about another secret. 2. Eating more diet foods. Why it makes you gain weight: According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, the sweeteners in many low-calorie and diet foods interfere with how the body processes…Continue Reading

Regular Exercise for Weight Loss

Dear Patient, Regularly exercising is a commendable effort on your part. If you want to lose weight, increase your heart rate, and just feel better all over, then that’s great. Always make sure that you check with your Physician before starting an exercise routine, but by all means, if you want to exercise, that’s a…Continue Reading

Stop living in pain!

Dear Patient, How are you? In the last three emails I’ve been talking about neck pain, some of the symptoms you have to look for and the answers to get rid of your pain. So today I’m going to cover: Exercises for Your Upper Back and Neck!Let’s cover three things you can do right now.…Continue Reading

Tremendous Weight Loss

Dear Patient I’m going to tell you a story I just read about today. A Virginia man says he lost 150 pounds in a year and a half – all because he finally started sleeping better. He walks at his own leisurely pace. But if you would’ve known Tim a year and a half ago,…Continue Reading

Stop Pain and Inflamation

Hi. I’m going to be talking about inflammation in this weeks email. In some studies at Texas Tech University, green tea’s antioxidants put the BRAKES ON bone thinning in as little as 12 weeks. Even in postmenopausal women at high risk for osteoporosis! Polyphenols or antioxidants shut down chronic inflammation a top bone thinning trigger.…Continue Reading

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Dear Patients, Losing weight is tough sometimes, but there are risks with things like the Lap Band surgery. The major risks associated with gastric banding (the lap band0 are significant. The most significant problem associated with gastric banding has been alteration in the size of the stomach pouch which is isolated above the lap band.…Continue Reading

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Sugar: The Sweet Villain The average American consumes up to three pounds of sugar every week. However, you may want to start thinking twice before reaching for something sweet – there’s a good chance it’s suppressing your immune system. Most sugar is void of any nutrients at all and actually pulls minerals from your body.…Continue Reading